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Makeup by Aylce


Makeup by Aylce

Having been raised and mentored in a family of creative professionals including artists, manufacturers, hairdressers, musicians, actors and production managers, Aylce's passion for the world of colour began at a young age.

Becoming the Dux of Art in high school, Aylce has always had the edge and eye for creative flare.

But she wanted to transcend that world of colour in a more literal sense with the people around her.

'Creating that sense of inner-confidence and euphoria in all people I work with, whether it be clients, models or other professional creatives, nothing can replace that, knowing in some way, even for that moment, you made them feel the beauty within their own skin, because everyone is capable of feeling that inner light'


'My passion in artistry started as a teenager.

I was an academic but creative student, and as an incentive after finishing my homework I would sit in my room practicing my makeup, getting lost in the transcendence of colour.

Not long after finishing high school, I worked in management for over 5+ years for one of Australia's leading retailers who's core value was 'To make everyone feel beautiful from the inside, out!'

I lived and breathed this value e v e r y d a y, but wanted a more physical sense of bringing that sense of euphoria and confidence to all people alike.

In 2015, I decided to follow my true passion in studying hair and makeup artistry.

5+ years later, I have successfully freelanced and worked alongside some of Australia's leading brands, including Mecca and Vogue.

Something I actively apply with all my clients, from the everyday person to elite professionals, is to ensure they enjoy every aspect of my services is to ensure each interaction and service offered comes with the utmost attention to detail for individuals needs, as everyone's needs are different.


My objective is to make all my clients feel beautiful from the inside, out!'

With over 10+ years experience in customer service, administration and retail management, Aylce's sense of care for her client stems from a world of various professional work environments to ensure your experience is exactly what you're after in a hair and makeup artist, every time

Professional Experience


Diploma of Specialist Hair + Makeup Artistry


Store Manager and Customer Experience Specialist for Bras N Things


Certificate II in Lash Lifting + Tinting services


Customer service and Retail Operations Specialist for Mecca Brands


Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist

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