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Lash lifts + tints

Enhance your natural lash line

Are you new to the world of enhancing and having well-kempt lashes?
You're not the only one, and though eyelash extensions are great, they're not ideal for everyones lifestyle

A lash lift and tint is:

- Water resistant

- Easily worn with makeup

- Lasts between 6-8 weeks 

- Maintains your natural lash health

- Smudge and transfer proof

Shape and fine-tune your eyebrows

Brow shaping and tinting using traditional methods of shaping the eyebrow, including hot wax, strip wax and tweezing. Wake up with picture perfect brows by tinting them to add further depth and dimension

Shaping + tinting is great for:
- Natural shape
 + definition

- Water resistant

- Makeup resistant

- Lasts 4-6 weeks pending on natural growth

brow shaping + tinting

Brow lamincation

Tame and shape your natural brow hairs

Brow lamination is the perfect combination between a lift and chemical straightening of your natural eyebrow hair.

Brow lamination is great for:

- Something with a full brow line

- Wanting to tame their brow hairs

- Perfect for framing your eyes

- Water proof

- Long wearing lasts between 6-8 weeks

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