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Basic hair-styling

For natural and effortless style all-day

This style of hair is ideal for anyone wanting to smooth natural hair, add texture or basic body and shape to their hair line

This style of hair-styling includes:

- Straightening

- Basic curling

- Soft waves

- Basic texture and body

Create effortless style to live your pinterest dreams

This style of hair-styling is better suited for someone wanting to add further depth and texture in their hair.

Perfectly paired with special occasion makeup for your next special event

Strucutered hair-styling covers:

- Braids

- Plaiting

- Twisted

- Half up/down looks

Structured Hair Styling

Up-do's + Bridal Hair

For custom tailored and structured hair

that last all day!

This style of hairstyling is perfect for anyone's special occasion or event.

Up-do's create beautiful body, texture and shape to the hairline, and another positive, they're also really long-wearing too!


This style is ideal for:

- Special occasions

- Special events

- Brides + bridesmaids

- Commercial photography

- Professional work functions

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