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Learn to nail your everyday makeup like a pro

Always wanted to learn how to nail your everyday makeup look, but not sure where to start? Then a one-on-one lesson is for you.

In these lessons, we will custom tailor a look for you, including:
- Understanding your skin-type
- Nailing your foundation
- How to cover blemishes
- Ensure longevity
- A go to night look 


A cost effective way to learn in a group dynamic

Do you want to learn how to perfect your everyday look, but can't afford a one-on-one lesson, then this may be an altenerative lesson type for you.


In a fun group dynamic

you will learn:

- How to perfect your base

- Understanding basic colour

correcting theory

- Share and interact with your peers

- Create a unique memory whilst

learning in safe group environment

- Minimum of 4 people per group

Learn like a pro from the comfort of your home

A one-on-one lesson online will still cover the same knowledge and topics as an in person lesson, but from the comfort of your own home.

In these lessons you will learn how to:

- Make the most of your current products

- Learn how to use one product multiple way

- Learn basic colour corrective theory

- Understand how to perfect your base

- Successfully camouflage those pesky breakouts


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