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FAQ's, terms & conditions

Why do I have to have a bridal trial?

As a professional makeup artist, my job is to design and apply a custom look suited to your features. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t turn up to an important work meeting you’ve been asked to present in with no preparation, it’s the same with a trial. It’s important to have a plan when it comes to product, colour, timing and the application. It's your wedding day, so investing in an artist and look you're truly happy with is extremely important  

I love an image I’ve seen online, can I have my makeup and hair exactly the same?

Though images you may find online are a great reference point, take into account everyone’s features are different, be their skin tone, eye shape, skin texture, hair-types, density etc. I will take these images as inspiration, we will discuss what it is you like about the makeup and hair, and tweak it to suit your individual needs. Also take into account, all makeup artists kits are custom built and designed around what products they like to use, so we won’t always have the same products that other artists may of used. Please also take into account, a lot of these images are professionally photographed, filtered and edited too, so the final result in person may also look different. 

What other services do you offer?

I offer varying services under my realm of skill-sets, including makeup, hair-styling, lash and brow artistry as well as personal, styling and lighting assistance for other professional creatives, including photographers, videographers and directors/producers

Why come to you?

My studio is custom designed with all the right lighting, tools and products to ensure even application of design and a bespoke, comfortable experience in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. If for some reason this isn’t feasible for you to do, we can offer our services to your chosen location, but please note, I am running a business so time on the road will mean time away from another client, so inflated travel fees will apply to cover this time. 

Will my makeup last?

As a professional makeup artist, I have been educated, studied and worked on hundreds of people’s faces to understand how to effectively apply and layer products.

I consciously range products in my kit that have between a 14-16hr wear time. Your makeup will last all day and night, but of course at the end of the day if you excessively touch your face, wipe or blow your nose, it’s primarily liquid/cream based, so it may move and transfer. As long as you’re conscious in not overally touching or wiping at your face, there’s no reason it shouldn’t last all day. Makeup is strategically applied heavier to begin with to allow for longevity, as well as things like natural wear from functioning during your day. 

How long does it take?

Depending on the style of makeup, application timing can differ. Even something simplistic like Natural Makeup can take up to 45mins to effectively layer and apply. Glamour makeup applications take between 60-70mins. Bridal Trials for makeup can take between 80-90mins, which includes a discussion about colours and style of makeup looks you would love to emulate for your wedding day. 

If you know you have an event or special occasion coming up, rule of thumb is as soon as possible, especially for weekends. In peak season, it is very common for Makeup Artists to book their weekends 6 to 8 weeks in advance. If you’re a bride, I would recommend a trial at least 6months before your day. It is very common to pay a deposit on the day of your trial too to secure your date and time for your wedding day. Secure your artist by booking and paying deposit, ideally, now, for sense of security and peach of mind

When should I book my hair and makeup?

Regardless if you’re new or use to using skincare and want to have picture perfect skin for your special day or event, I would recommend not introducing anything particularly different or active at least a month before hand. Why do I say this? It’s because in case you have a reaction to the product or to notice results from a new routine you can allow time for that process to happen, so ideally at least three months before would be best. The average adult’s cellular turnover on the deeper layers of the skin is 28-32 days so you’ll notice results within this time, so the more time, the better and clearer the results. This is also in case you have a reaction to something, you have time to heal too.

When do you recommend starting a skincare routine?
Why do I pay for travel?

I'm a professional freelance hair and makeup artist with a bespoke, custom designed home salon where I offer all my services, but I do understand it's not always possible for clients to come directly to me. I do offer mobile services too, but you will be charged for the cost of running my car, wear and tear as well as time on the road to come to and from your location with a travel fee. I am running a business and have a family to provide for, so it's important for me to prioritise and run a business that respects these needs. It takes realistically an hour and half at minimum to drive, set-up and pack down pre and post application, which means I would be turning away other clients to come to you, espeically on weekends, this does happen, so taking this into account you'll be charged a 0.72c per kilometre driven from my home to cover these expenses and time. No exceptions.

I have had a breakout, is it okay to get my makeup done?

In the event you've had a breakout, espeically if it's hormonal, it will still be fine to get your makeup done. If you're concerned it may be something more severe then hormonal congestion or pimples, it is best to contact me directly. I have the right to turn away clients, for any reason, if I believe they have potential outbreak that may be contagious like herpes, ring warm or hand, foot and mouth etc as I have a duty of care to my own health and safety, as well as my kit and any present or future clients who will be using my services. Failure to disclose such information pre-application will result in a full fee charged to you, the client, even if the service isn't carried out.

I’ve had a reaction to something before my appointment, what do I do?

If you've had a reaction to something, it's best to contact me directly. I have the right to not provide my services, if I think for any reason you may pose a contagious risk to myself, clients or hair and makeup kit. In the event of a reaction, I would advise to make sure you don't put anything else on your face, rinse your face with water and seek medical attention if you're concerned. Failure to provide at least 48hrs notice means you'll be charged a cancellation fee of $20

I love your work, but I can't pay a deposit

Though I try to be as flexible and accommodating to my clients as much as possible, I am running a business and supporting a household, so I need to prioritise and book clients who value and respect my services. All bookings pay a non-refundable $30 to $50 booking fee to secure their appointment, which gets credited to them on the day of their service. In the case of bridal bookings, I get many requests for brides and their parties for hair and makeup for their wedding day, and as a business, if a bride books and secures her date over another bride by paying a deposit, as a business, they're my priority client to provide my services to. In the case if I can fit multiple parties in one day, I will try my best to accommodate both brides and their parties needs, but it's first in, best dressed.

Why do I pay a booking fee?

A booking fee is a non-refundable administration fee to secure your time, date and service of your application. This fee is credited towards your chosen service on the day and designed, as a business, to cover my administration and running costs to run my business. In most cases, it is the bread and butter income all freelance professionals rely on to secure and provide their services to ensure effective running business. Failure to pay a booking fee will me you WILL NOT secure your appointment and another client who does will be prioritised. 

Wedding Makeup Artist
Melbourne Wedding Makeup

- To secure your appointment, all applications must pay a $50 non-refundable booking fee

- This fee must be paid to secure your date and time, which will be credited towards your service on the day

- Failing to pay this deposit will mean you haven’t secured your date or time and it will be given to a client who has paid their deposit
- You will have to provide the full payment for service if you reschedule or cancel your appointment with less then 48hrs notice
- Please respect everyone’s time and ensure you arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment, if you are 10mins or more late to your appointment, the full service-fee must be paid and with what time is remaining of your appointment, part of the application will be applied, please understand I am running a business and I have other clients and make bookings back to back

- All bridal bookings pay 50% of their total invoice to book their wedding date, to secure the date and time, with the remainder payable on the day of their wedding. This covers administration costs, and takes your wedding date off the market. 

- All cancellations will be charged a cancellation/booking fee of 40% of the total invoice

- You may reschedule your appointment to a new date and time within a 72 hour period

- If you do not show or cancel within the 72 hour timeframe a 40% cancellation/booking fee will apply and will be charged to your card used to book the appointment

- Once the booking has been made & the deposit is taken, any cancellation or changes to the size of the bridal party will incur additional charges

- If the booking is downsized after it has been confirmed, you will be charged the original price quoted to cover the loss of other bridal parties turned away for the same date

- If you wish to cancel your bridal booking before or after the trial, the 50% deposit towards your wedding day is in no-way refundable - I don't offer refunds for change of mind

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