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My TOP Bridal DO's and DONT's

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

When enquiring with any business it’s important to understand they’re the professionals. Professional wedding hair and makeup will always take longer then regular event makeup as it’s done in stages to ensure longevity

Pictured: Newlywed Couple embracing one of their many first kisses as Husband + Wife


  • Trust your Hair and Makeup Artist when it comes to timing suggestions

  • Expect to allow an hour EACH for hair and makeup per person

  • Looking at investing in extensions if you’re wanting to create further volume/longevity of your style

  • Book in advance, chance is another bride is already chatting to that business for the same date - this means PAYING your deposit to secure your wedding date to avoid disappointment

  • Expect to have an early start to allow everyone the time to get ready, don’t forget your whole bridal party wants the same experience of relaxation and pampering you do

  • Expect to invest in an experienced Makeup Artist who has the knowledge and ability to multi-task under their belt


  • Allow the time YOU THINK it will take to get ready

  • Expect Hollywood Glam Hair without assistance if your hair is THIN or SHORT - look at styles tailored to your OWN hair type

  • Start using BRAND NEW skincare the week of or night before in case of purging or an adverse reaction occurs

  • Chat or enquire about a service, expect it to be booked without having written and monetised confirmation from the business you’re wanting services from

  • Chat throughout your application, look at your phone or eat while getting the service done - this pushes back time for you and everyone else

  • Think cheaper means the same result - you get what you pay for as they say

As a side note, remember businesses are people too and have families to look after just like you. We love our jobs, and structure pricing to support our beloved businesses and homes, so it’s important to respect and pay for our time, years experience and guidance when it comes to assisting you with your special day

Be sure to send and save this post if you know of any upcoming brides who needs to know these tips

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