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MY TOP Wedding Day TIMING TIPS for Bride's and their Bridal Party

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

So you're getting married but have no idea where to start? Follow my timing tips for an insight into planning your dream Wedding Day.

For many people, their wedding day is one of the best day's of their lives. But when it comes to the actual day and timing, especially when recommended from varying vendors, can be a little confusing. Your Hair and Makeup Team are the first vendor's on site for the day, and while this may be your first wedding, your team have dozen's of weddings under their belt for experience. So, without sounding too bias, I would recommend planning your day according to their guidelines and integrating other vendors into that timing around your Hair and Makeup Team.

Wedding’s to get them as you envision are all about timing ⏰

This means taking their advice when it comes to time frames on how long things take. Many different things add to timing delays, so it’s best to be prepared

Expect to allow an hour each for both Hair and Makeup per person. Most Brides and their Parties consist between 5-6 people. So to ensure everyone gets their full attention, 12hrs total time between your Hair and Makeup Team (don't fret, experienced Hair and Makeup Artists will work in a team of two, unless you've sourced two different vendors) is recommended plus an additional hour for photos/touch ups.

Lets say your ceremony starts at 4pm, but you want to be ready by 3pm, divide the TOTAL getting ready time by the amount of suppliers you have and back track timing from 3pm and add the additional hour. This neat little equation will give your ideal starting time for your day.

EG. 6 for HMUA is 12hrs divided by 2 Artists gives you 6hrs + 1hr gives you 7hrs, so backtrack 7hrs from 3pm. You will need to start getting ready by at least 8am that morning. Now of course this equation isn't exact as every Bride and their Party's needs are different. So the bigger the bridal party, and the longer the hair equals more timing. You get the picture.

It's important as a Budding Bride to open the dialogue with your Bridal Party as soon as you can and let them know that they will need to wake early. And in the scheme of things, it's one day, your day, so one early morning to allow everyone the right time to get ready for such an important day is so worth it for all - don't you think? Plus, it's not like you will literally be sitting there back to back with no time to do what you want in between.

TRUST ME when I say the process of getting ready goes so much quicker then most bride’s think. Add friends, family, champagne, food, bathrooms breaks, chatter, touch-ups and photographer arrivals into the mix, and just like that, you’re an hour away from your ceremony.

Pictured: The Bride and Groom with their Bridal Party.

An Experienced Makeup Artist should supply you with a timing sheet a week before your wedding, once all final details have been finalised with yourself and other suppliers for the day. This is so everyone gets a rough idea of what is to be expected on the day. Remember more time means less stress for you, your party and the artist/stylist assisting you with the process. If you want more ‘time’ your artists will help guide and suggest varying ideas including additional artist/s for the day, an earlier start time or more then likely both so things go as smoothly as possible.

Timing sheets are also usually built around the requests of Photographers too, as some will arrive when you're getting ready to get memorable snaps. So it's just an extra step in ensuring everything goes to plan as much as it can.

Take into account. Everyone’s features and hair types are unique, so we build a rough timing sheet accordingly to ensure everyone gets exactly that, time. Some take more, other’s less. But overall it’s a balancing act so you’re all styled with your vision in mind.

Wedding’s are a beautiful memory for everyone, but remember they’re our jobs, so our tips and tricks come with experience

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