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My response to the COVID 19 outbreak

Not going to lie or beat around the bush here, we are living in very uncertain times. Now more then ever we need to demonstrate as a community a sense of compassion and care for the greater community.

Given the nature of the business I run, being in close proximity to peoples faces, I will be doing everything I can on my end to ensure I am running my business with a high level of hygiene in mind.

I want to reassure all my clients I am doing all I can on my end to practice a safe approach when it comes to the health and well-being, of not only you as the individual getting the service done, but also myself, our friends and families, as well as the greater network of people around us who may be affected at these times. I will be changing a few aspects of my interactions with clients over the next coming weeks which will include the following:

- Allowing extra time to set-up and pack down my kit with any freelance work - Wash and sanitise my hands between each client - Ask my clients to wash and sanitise their hands before their application begins - Wear a mask during the application - Wear gloves during the application - Wipe down all hard surfaces where my kit may sit with disinfectant products and wipes

Just as I have a sense of duty of care to you as the individual, as do each client to me as their artist. All clients are required to inform me if they are suffering from any of the following conditions, which I will now extend to any signs of symptoms of anything related to a cold and/or flu including: fever, sweats, cough, sore throat, persistent headaches.

As well as other following conditions: -Impetigo -Conjunctivitis -Stye or other Eye Infection -Scabies -Ringworm -Coldsore (Herpes Simplex) -Acne Vulgaris (Severe Infected)

This is standard practise like any other makeup artist, and I have the right to refuse treatment of someone with any of the above contradictions which may affect the integrity of my kit, brushes, products as well as my services to present and future clients. I will also ask anyone who has been travelling overseas or in contact with anyone ill in the last 14days to contact me immediately to discuss postponing your application.

Before the outbreak of the Corona Virus aka COVID-19 I’ve always believed in safe practices when it comes to hygiene, you can read my belief of hygiene and safe practice in my other blogs here:

We are monitoring the situation closely, and if anything changes due to Government and Medical Intervention, I will suspend my services if needed. Thank you for your time in reading this announcement. We will all get through this, together. Much love - Aylce
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