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The importance of skincare

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Why it's important to use skincare to get the most longevity from your makeup

Why Skin Care is Important

Have you ever sat there, done your makeup, or perhaps even had it professionally done by someone else, and it looks great but within a couple of hours it’s starts cracking and fading? One of the reasons this could be happening, not only due to the longevity of the product you use, but you haven’t perfected and primed your base!

You need a skincare routine

Think of your face as a blank canvas. Canvas before stretched and primed over wood is actually quite raw and textured, even if you’re the most amazing realist painter, the quality of your work won’t adhere in the long run as you haven’t prepped your base to be soft and smooth. So think of your face like a canvas.

Looking after your skin will not only help with your makeup application longevity, but also will help defend against signs of ageing and dermalogical concerns. Your skin is your largest organ and is the greatest barrier against infection that we have, so it’s important to give it the nutrients and love it needs to thrive!

Try this basic guide to a four step routine

I would recommend a basic four-step system for any newbie, this is an extremely basic overview, for more tailored plans I would recommend visiting your local Dermatologist, Priceline or Mecca Maxima and/or Mecca Cosmetica for structured advice for your skin type:

1) Cleanser - to help rid the skin of any debris, free-radicals or texture 2) Toner - to rebalance and nutrilise your skins PH levels 3) Serum / oil - to help improve cellular turnover, repair your skins cells and aid the live properties of your cleanser to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin 4) Moisturiser - to keep your skin hydrated and act as a barracade to aid in the active properties of the other products to stay in skins layers longer

Implement this basic daily routine, I keep my cleanser in the shower, it's that easy! And you’ll notice the results in the suppleness of your skin with time

Like anything, changing your skin takes time...

Implementing a skincare routine is something that takes time to notice the changes. On a surface level, within one to two weeks of initial DAILY use, you should notice an improvement in texture, dryness and hydration. Most new routines for people between the ages of 18-35 will take at least a month to fully notice changes, for those aged 35 or over I would roughly say 4-6 weeks. As you get older, your skin ages so your cellular turnover isn't as fast as it use to be, so just like getting fit and heading to the gym, these things take time! I promise you it will be so worth it, espeicially if it means you can slay your makeup all day with no fading or touch-ups, wouldn't that be nice.

Now you have a basic understanding in how to prep and smooth your canvas, let the fun in makeupartistry begin!

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