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Why Hire Me as your Makeup Artist - MakeupbyAylce

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

When navigating the realm of the makeup industry, it can be very confusing to find an artist, it’s a battle field out there! I can understand why, as an everyday person, why it may be a confusing thing to research.

Finding your makeup artist in melbourne is more then finding someone who makes you feel beautiful, its about your connectivity, their experience, timing and how they interact and bond with you as a person. Not only that, an experienced makeup artist knows how to deal with contraindications that can occur, which is possible, we are all human after all.

First of all, let me say hi, my names Aylce. And here's a little bit about myself....

I’ve worked in the retail and administration industry since I was 16years old. I started in 2007 whilst in high school, then switched to retail when I was 19 in 2011. I was promoted into Assistant Management within 5 months of starting in my retail career, then eventually Store Manager within 3 months after that. I ran and managed a lucrative retail store alongside an amazing team of people, with one basic idea at the forefront of my mind: excelling customer service.

I trained and managed my team not to sell, but to make an emotional connection with each and every customer they served. It was never about them buying anything, it was about ensuring all customers left happy, confident and with the product and knowledge they were after, and sometimes that actually didn’t mean they spent anything. I taught and managed my team not to care about following KPI’S and sales, but celebrating how well they served and found their customers purpose. How customers were interacted with, served and left, ultimately happy, was my business goal. And you know what, that’s exactly what happened. My team and I created a retail environment without the pressure of sales on our minds, it all came down to that one feeling I wanted everyone to feel, happiness.

This, as well as the moto of “Ensuring all my clients feel beautiful from the inside, out!” is how I now run and manage my makeup artistry and beauty business too. I want all my clients, regardless of age, ethnicity or gender, to look and feel their best yet.

When it comes to taking into account who to hire for your special occasion or event for Hair and Makeup, here’s the way I would describe my artistry style. Things that set my artistry styles apart from other mainstream artists, are a few a different ethos’ that are at the core value of my practice.

Having worked in retail at Australia’s biggest beauty destination, Mecca, came in this time a lot of training, understanding and customer interactions to understand the importance of not only how to apply makeup, but their active properties and the importance of skin-care in the application process to ensure longevity and flawless coverage in my artistry. This creates

long-lasting, custom tailored and unique experiences for all individuals.

The time working within Mecca gave me the knowledge and understanding I need to ensure I am giving my clients the best applications and results during my services, and most importantly to learn and understand what I can improve on.

I include complimentary skincare applications as part of my service catered to everyone's different skin types, whether you have oily, dry or combintation skin. I have invested into a skincare kit to cater for all my clients needs.

Here's a basic overview of what's important to me when it comes to being a Professional Makeup Artist , I am: - Skin care focused

- Motivated to create a skin like look, I don't want to cover your freckles or unique features

- Create a complimentary look tailored your unique features and colours

- Clear communication to ensure I am creating exactly what you're after

- Connectivity with my clients, I want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident to tell me if you want to change any aspects of your look

- Driven to ensure you feel comfortable and love the skin you're in, always

Regardless of who you choose for your Hair and Makeup needs, my priority is ensuring, you, as a client and person LOVE the skin you're in, all day, everyday!

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