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Why Should I hire a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist in Melbourne?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

So you have a Special Occasion or Event coming up, perhaps it's a Birthday, a Photoshoot or even your Wedding Day. A lot of things come into mind but one of those things is "Who can I hire to do my hair & makeup for the day?"

Navigating the realms of the online world can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding an artist who's style you like, are available the day and time you need and are reliable.

Hiring a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist is as important as finding the right tradesmen to repair your leaking roof, you get what you pay for

Did you know an average industry qualified Makeup Artist would have at least trained full time for up to 18mths, have experience in all ages, ethnecities and artistry styles as a pre-requeste to graduate from their course, plus building their kit is an initial investment of at least $3000 for basic supplies including makeup, skincare, disposable tools, brushes and hot tools. It's not a cheap profession to run as a business nor is the years of experienced gained something you can quantify, so pricing is reflective of this.

Like it or not, there is a big difference between affordable "drugstore" makeup and hair versus professional, high-end hair and makeup products, one's that have been formulated for specific age, skin tones and dermatological uses. Makeup Artists spend years and years honing their craft, even before they're qualified and practicing. I myself have been submerging myself in the world of makeup and practicing since I was 10 years old - often in the privacy in my own room. I, like other artists, have spent countless hours and days practicing, studying and using my craft on many faces and ages, to ensure I can give my best service to all clients in the many years to come. We study, are taught and form experience and understand how to apply products in a way that is wearable, functional, have longevity and most importantly, suitable for all skin types (oily, dry or combination skin) and tones (warm, cool or neutral) to ensure you remain feeling and looking your best self, yet!

Professional artists invest money and time to ensure their skills and techniques are reflective of trends, techniques and industry standards. You simply can't quantify this time, investment and years of experience in the moment of an enquiry and application.

We don't just simply "make you pretty"

We spend hours, days, even weeks ensuring we are doing the best by our clients, every single time.

A professional Hair and Makeup Artist is: - Qualified - Insured and reliable - Experienced, especially if things go wrong, maybe a breakout, reaction has happened or maybe even your dog or cat accidentally scratches you before your special event, just a few real life situations that have and will happen time and time again, an experienced artist will have the knowledge to sanitize, cleanse and cover the area as if it were never there

- Style, age and ethnicity adaptive

- They care about how you look and feel!

One of the most important things to me is ensuring I listen to my clients needs, and give them the chance to speak, adjust and be involved in the design process as much as possible.

Having your makeup done, and loving it for that matter, can define your confidence for your event. Cutting costs on something as important as your hair and makeup, when in matter of fact, the way you look in these photos for years and years to come, and how you felt on the night, will be a memory well engrained in your psyche.

I will always remember when I completed my course, one of the my fellow peers commented how she found someone "affordable"for her wedding day makeup. The artist didn't communicate, ask questions of what she did or didn't like about her makeup, had minimal experience so she took longer then she said, and when she was done, she looked in the mirror and hated the way she looked - this was over 20 years ago!

She hated her makeup so much in fact she has no photos from her wedding day around her home, she didn't buy any wedding albums and her only memory from such an amazing day is she remembered how bad she felt and looked and she regrets, to this day, not hiring the right artist to ensure she looked and felt beautiful from the inside, out.

More to the above, a professional hair and makeup artist is there to ensure they look after all your needs and being an additional system of support - you can go through an array of emotions on your wedding day, and an experienced artist will take and spend the time with you to ensure you're as relaxed as possible, this may include getting you water, maybe some fresh air or even using pressure point techniques to relax your face in case you're tense.

We also take into account how you'll be photographed at your event, occasion or wedding.

Affordable makeup alternatives are usually pumped full of talc or mineral oxides that create flash-back in photos, which in all honesty, ain't cute, let's be real.

We have invested into our hair and makeup kit to ensure we are using quality and usually, expensive product that looks as good in person as it does in photos - did you know you'll wear at least 30% to 50% more makeup on your face, even if you're wanting something natural, to ensure longevity for your occasion and to uniquely highlight and contour your best features to ensure you look how you feel - beautiful!

A Professional Makeup Artist will not rush their time either, they will ensure they communicate before your application, during and after to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your application.

Trial, trial, trials...I have said it before and I will say it again, no professional makeup artist will be able to execute exactly what you want on your special event or wedding day without a trial or a plan of attack. Would you walk into a life-changing meeting in your workplace without any research, discussion or presentation ready to deliver to your peers?

The answer is most likely NO, if it's YES, you must be Albert Einstein. Trials are more about:

✖️Timing ✖️Detail ✖️Design ✖️Connectivity ✖️Colouring

A confident makeup artist should be listening to your wants and needs as well as ensuring they’re being another system of support network for you on such an amazing day.

No makeup artist or hair stylist can walk into your wedding day or special occasion and smash it out of the park. This relationship is an intimate one and takes discovery questions and a few dry runs in some cases. Always, always have a makeup and hair trial. You'd hate to be orange from the chin up on your wedding day! So please take this advise on board, do the research, book your trials, have ideas and photos ready to show your artist, let them know what you do and don't like, other then that, sit back and relax! It is their job in which they have had many faces and years of practice and expertise to own their craft, so trust their judgement, you may find you'll try something you never would of before. Regardless of who you hire, we have YOUR best interest at heart, and want to do what we can to ensure you look and feel your best, anytime, anywhere and any day, always!

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