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How to Perfect Your Makeup Base Like a Pro!

In this blog I will be talking about how to perfect your complexion like a professional makeup artist.

Note: this blog does contain steps that include a skincare routine. If you don’t have a routine, I highly recommend implementing one, not only for the sake of the longevity of your makeup, but also for the clarity and care it will have for your skin long-term. Plus, who doesn’t love indulging their senses a bit and treating themselves to some TLC with product!

Image sourced via bareMinerals IG page here:

Step One

  1. Micellar Water

It’s so so important to start with a fresh base, so cleaning your skin of physical dirt and oils you can see is your first step.

Step Two

2. Cleanse

Cleansing your skin is the next step to give your complexion the best start BEFORE your makeup is applied. Using a cleanser will help penetrate into the deeper layers of your face to get rid of the stubborn dirt, oils as well as free radicals/pollutants that may linger.

Here’s some links to cleansers I recommend for varying skin-types. I highly recommend visiting a dermatologist or heading in-store to Mecca for a tailored routine

For Oily skin I recommend the BareMinerals Clay Chameleon cleanser

For Dry skin I recommend the Rem Ever Calm Gentle Cleansing Gel

For Combination skin I recommend the Frank Body Original Face Scrub

Step Three

3. Tone

After cleansing, rebalancing your skin’s pH levels, basically it’s acid levels to be neutral, is the next step in our base perfecting routine. I will admit, this step isn’t completely necessary and you can leave it out, but it’s also a nice extra step to show your skin that good old TLC I mentioned before, and if you have the time. In saying that, if you don’t have time, I would recommend micellar water, toner, our next step, moisturise and/or serum, your SPF and then your makeup routine. That in itself may even sound like a lot, but if you make a cocktail on your hand of the products mixed altogether, it’s as quick as slip, slop, SLAP!

Here’s some basic Toners I would recommend for all skin types here:

For Combination Skin I would recommend the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray

For Dry Skin I recommend the REN Clarifying Toning Lotion

For Oily Skin I recommend the BareMinerals Poreless Exfoliating Essence

Step Four

4. Moisturise/serum

Our next step is a two in one, moisturise and a serum, or if you have dehydrated or distressed skin, an oil. Mixing them together in the tips of your fingers and massage into your face, taking the time to indulge in this step and have a little spa moment for yourself! If you have excess, you can always take it down your chin and neck, no need for any to go to waste.

For Oily Skin I recommend The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum which you can also buy on Adore Beauty here

For Combination skin I recommend the

BareMinerals Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Serum  For Dry Skin I recommend a couple of different products first being the Sukin Skincare RoseHip Oil which you can also purchase at Chemist Warehouse here. They are an Australian brand, and are paraben, oil, sulphate and cruelty free. I would also recommend

Josie Maran Cosmetics 100% Pure Argan Oil which you can purchase in-store or online

Fun Fact: Argan Oil is one of the best noncomedogenic oil’s on the market (it won’t clog your pores) and has been shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without external intervention from other products - how cool, right?!

Step Five

5. SPF and or/primer

To add further, your daily SPF protection - yes you should wear SPF every day to protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays, which can cause premature ageing, pigmentation and micro-tearing in your skin. Doesn’t sound fun, it's because it isn’t. Wear it daily and thank yourself when you’re 80 looking like you're 60 still - thank you past self!

You can also mix in your primer, suited to your skin type in this step. I would highly recommend just using a daily SPF that doubles as a primer anyway. Also, a note for people with oily or porous skin, if you’ve used an oil in the previous step, I would recommend steering clear of a pore-filling primer, as it will separate on your skin, as they’re usually glycerin based, which doesn’t mix well with oil

To break-down further why cleansing is important, refer to previous blog here on the

Importance of Skincare 

Step Six

6. Foundation

Now we can move onto your foundation. I like to apply it onto the back of my hand, to allow the product to warm-up, then literally cover my face in spots of foundation and blend it in, however you prefer is up to you, fingers, brushes, sponges or all the above - you decide!

You can find a link to my previous blog here 

Top 5 Lit from Within Foundation's for ALL ages + skin types

With other skin-type foundation recommendations coming to screen’s near you soon.

Step Seven

7. Concealer

Now we move onto my favourite step and secret weapon for a flawless complexion, your concealer! This product has a hyper concentrated amount of pigment and varying undertones to assist in camouflaging different skin concerns.

PRO TIP: a lot of makeup artistry has to do with colour theory, so when it comes to your face and areas of concern with discolouration/hyper-pigmentation, refer to your colour wheel and find the opposite colour of the tone you’re wanting to correct. The opposite colour is the undertone or concealer colour you want to use to neutralise the discolouration/pigmentation in your complexion.

A quick guide:

If you have areas of redness or rosacea, use green

If you have blue under eyes or varicose veins, use peach/orange

If you have purple under eyes, use yellow

Read more about what concealers I recommend to take your makeup game from amateur to pro here

PRO TIP: When applying concealer on your under eye area, less is more. The eye area is the most delicate part of your face, so start about 4mm underneath lash line, putting the least amount of product on the actual lash line. This will help reduce creasing in the product, make your under eye area appear more youthful and the most concentrated amount of concealer is the in right area to camouflage.

Step Eight

8. Contour

Another favourite step of mine to ensure a sun-kissed, lit from within complexion all year round - rain, hail or shine, is contouring. Now, contouring is usually done with a cool-tone shade to hollow out areas of the face that are fuller. I personally love use a warm toned shade to do this, unless your cheeks or chin are particularly full too, you can also use this technique. I highly recommend using a cream product for a more natural looking drape in colour. To contour, draw on either side of your temple, following your preferred cheek-line a “C” shape. I also like to add contour gently on my forehead, up to my hairline, under my chin and the tip of my nose for continuity in colouring. This creates consistency and makes the contour look more natural, as it’s through-out your complexion.

Step Nine

9. Setting Powder or Pressed Foundation

Probably the most boring but an essential step in this process, so forgive how brief the description is. Setting your face, especially in areas we have excess oil or shine through-out the day, will aid in your makeup’s longevity. I always set the T-Zone area, but if you have an oilier skin type, you can add powder through-out your whole complexion. For my combination to dry skin gals and guys, you may also use the Setting Powder or Pressed Foundation on your chin and upper lip area too.

Step Ten

10. Glow, baby, glow!

Now by far my favourite step above them all, adding your highlight. I personally recommend using a cream or balm product first, and then adding a powdered highlighter over the top with your fingers. Only add highlighter to areas of the face you want to bring forward, so for most people, that’s the top of the cheekbones. Personally, as I have a dry skin-type and love to be seen from Jupiter, I put highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge and tip of my nose, under my brow bone, as well as the cupids bow (peak of your top lip) and chin. All about that GLOW life, what can I say...

Now I mentioned just before, to use your fingers for both your cream and powder product. This is because, in my professional and personal experience, it melts the product into the complexion more seamlessly. Just using a brush or powder by itself for that matter, can make the product look as if it’s sitting on-top of your skin, as opposed to be blended in.

Step Eleven

11. Blush

And time for the last step, adding blush. Yes, I use bronzer and blush in all my professional applications and personally on myself too. Adding blush creates a natural looking and healthy flush to your face. I drape the product from the tops of temples first, then down to my cheeks, adding more product onto the apples of my cheeks particularly. I also add a touch of colour on the tip of my nose, as well as my chin - again, all to create continuity in my complexion.

PRO TOP: If you are planning on wearing a particular favourite shade of lipstick with your makeup, you can rub the lipstick onto the back of your hand, and either use or fingers, brush or sponge to pick up the product and add this onto your cheeks. This means one less product to purchase and more time in your pocket.

Now your base is perfection, you can add some mascara, and lipstick, then you’re ready to walk out the door and seize the day! 

And there you have it, my step-by-step guide, in written form, how to perfect your base like a professional makeup artist! I hope you enjoyed this blog, and picked up a few tips and tricks to further your makeup game along the way. 

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